wonders of science essay 10th class

wonders of science essay 10th class – Hello friend In today’s article I will tell you the essay of wonders of science, which will be useful to you from 10th class to 12th class. If you remember the essay of the wonders of science given by us, then you will get enough marks in the exam.

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wonders of science essay 10th class 

  • introductionmodern age is the age of science . it has increased human comfort . i has given many wonderful things for the use of mankind for the help of railways , motorcar and air plane travel become fast .
  • electricity– electricity has change dark night into bright days. it serves hundred and thousand of ways . its run our trams mills and factories.it keep our houses cool and warm . modern life impossible without electricity.
  • means of recreation- radio cinema and television are good means of recreation. educational training also possible by t.v.
  • scientific wonders- Science has given us many wonderful gifts. the various inventions of Science are its wonders.We cannot imagine our life without them.
  • medicine and surgery- Science has given wonderful medicine. vaccination helps us in preventing diseases like polio,cholera,small pox etc. It has brought down the death rate. Modern surgical equipments have made operations less painful.
  • computer- the scientist has invented computer . computer is wonderful invention of science. computer can do complex calculation and work quickly .they have solved a lot of problem of man.
  • conclusion- science is a grate help to modern man . if properly used it can make the life of man healthier and happier.

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