my hobby essay for 10th class

my hobby essay for 10th class – Hello friend In today’s article I will tell you the essay of my hobby, which will be useful to you from 10th class to 12th class. If you remember the essay of the my hobby given by us, then you will get enough marks in the exam.

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my hobby essay for 10th class english 

  1. Introduction – hobby means some work done in free time when a man gets time after doing his routine work he want to enjoy at this time if he does some different work it is called his hobby.hobbies are many such as painting playing on some instruments photography stamp collecting gardening etc.                                                                                                        
  2. My hobby- my hobby is gardening I think it is the best hobby plant and trees are very useful for our life they not only provide us food to eat but also service in many way they make the air fresh and cool for us. they check the air pollution also.plants give us flowers trees give us fruits to eat and wood to I like trees and plants very much.                                                                                                               
  3. My Garden– there is no ground around our I have planted several kind of flowers in flower pots.I have flowers very much.I water the plant and care for them.I bring small plant from the nursery.I prepare the flower pots And then cultivate the plants.                                                 give fertilizer to them when buds appear it gives me great pleasure.I wait for their blossoming into beautiful flowers.sometimes when I get up in the morning and see the flowers my Joy knows no parents and other family members to become very happy to see them guest coming to our home appreciate my hobby.                                                                                          
  4. Conclusion-sometimes we sit in our small Garden and do our homework or take tea and give us great joy my mind becomes Sharp and my memory is increased in the company of flowers.sometimes I see flowers in my dream and my heart is filled with pleasure.

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